What we do: delivering results

Your business processes and practices are the tools that will sculpt, shape and leverage the potential of your most valuable resource, your human capital. The craft of business is having the right tools and resources to get the job done. The art is in having the vision to know where and when to deploy them.

1DegreeXtra’s full spectrum of services ensure you get the tools, resources and information needed to meet current and future challenges through:

What we do

  • Research, intelligence and insights
  • Business process design / reengineering
  • Measuring ROE/ ROI and benchmarking
  • Coaching, mentoring and business therapy
  • Sales leadership and account/ relationship management training
  • Curriculum, training and learning design
  • Outsourcing/ administration/ project management of learning

And we bring to the table the right strategic relationships to handle the most complex of challenges, it’s all part of who we are.

For practical hands-on expertise working with you for strong results, contact us.

Increasing performance, productivity and profit

You will get solid and sustainable performance gains by equipping you and your teams with the right thinking and processes.

After all, people and ideas are the raw materials on which successful businesses are built. Maximise your assets.

More than just training or consultancy… going 1DegreeXtra will give you valuable services, proven experience and strategic relationships.

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