Intelligence changes.


Never one to make predictions about the future as I tend to focus on what I can control but the latest research emerging from the technical think tank TechCast based at George Washington University have really started to stretch my thinking on the new workplace.

Their latest research paper predicts that by 2020 that nearly 30% of all routine human activities will be automated through the use of some form of artificial intelligence. Also during the same period we will start to see the creation of Wisdom Workers which is quite a step up from us poor knowledge workers, may be worth considering the impact of these on you at an organizational & at a personal worker…stranger than fiction well thats what people thought about the Thunderbirds and Dr Who, but thinking ahead does help.

If you are interested I would encourage you to take a deeper look at what TechCast is seeing and doing at their website  htttp://, I have also included in this post a copy of their paper Evolve or Die read more in Evolve o rDie.

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