Your own ID…what does it look like?


The great thing about being someone who loves to continually learn and develop by myself and others is the opportunity to discover innovative and insightful tools, models and process’s.

If you have never heard of ID (Instinctive Drives) well that is OK but it is a real shame as here is one of the best kept secrets in the world of learning and development.

Just ask the teams at Cisco they will tell you exactly that as they have been working with ID for over 10 years now and have seen some wonderful transformational results being achieved.

Why I like this and see such incredible value in this model and process is that first time , how someone behaves or acts as a leader has been distilled down to see what really drives them and how these drives impact on the ways in which your think, communicate, plan, execute as a leader.

I first came across ID some 6 years ago but it only now after many years that I can see the real value of what it can deliver. It really challenges and extends your thinking, knowledge and basic understanding of ourselves not matter how aware we think we may be, there is a whole lot more to discover about ourselves that others see and we simply have a blind spot too.

The ID helps to change the value and essence of the conversations we are having on a daily basis, it helps to accelerate teams, issues and objectives, it changes the way we look at other people and gain a better understanding of the “Why” and not just simply the “What”.

So what ID look like?

As we discussed before it helps us understand the difference between a persons behaviour and actions. It is only by taking the time to look more deeply at what drives and motivates us that we get to true measure and understanding of what really drives a person to do the things that they do.

It is very different to say MBTI and HBDI, it certainly is a cut above LSI and DiSc as it does not offer an excuse or a reason, a box to hide in but an explanation of why we do the things we do…….interestingly we are all hard wired from birth to do what we do but do we really know how this impacts on our actions and the way the world views us? ID is one of the very few models and insights that I have encountered that peels away all the layers of the onion skin and sees what it takes to have people really in stride with themselves

ID has multiple applications, of course at the individual level, the team and most importantly at the organizational level so the tool and process is very robust and expansive.

ID helps to understand how we both use and avoid a range of drivers which include:

  • How we Verify.
  • How we Authenticate.
  • How we Complete.
  • How we Improvize.

I like it as it a very complex model and system of thinking that provides not only a form of assessment or personal inventory but also a road map and tools that allow you to become a more effective person and leader.

This little “quiet acheiver” is the brain child of Paul Burgess as was developed in Australia over 20 years ago.

To learn more about Paul and his company Link Up International please go to their website which is and you will get a better feel for the entire service and product offering.

Why does it work so well, simply it can be applied in some many ways, organizationally, in teams, personally. It is not a “once of ” process as it has a life of its own as it creates both a language and a culture that develops and sustains its own momentum which is very powerful compared to other process models like MBTI which need to pushed along the way. ID has its own energy and power as people get what it means to them at so many levels.

Ah I hear you say more  black boxes, smoke and mirrors but ah I am glad to say that ID has stood the test of validity as well where Dr Anneke Fitzgerald and her team at the University of Western Sydney put ID through its paces where they found that ID proved to be  a very  ” reliable and valid catalyst for improving team performance”.

But as Paul Burgess would say the best validity for anything is ” face validity” so if it is meaningful and resonates with you then it is real and works.

It works  trust me as I had my 16 year old daughter complete her ID last night and she came back with what is regarded as a “searching” profile that is that she scored a ID of 5555.

Now 5 normally shows a form of flexibility and sometimes a lack of specific drive ( use or avoid) but in her case no one driver really stood out and provided a lighthouse for her to navigate against. So what, well this is a great reflection of where she is personally , new school, new friends, returning back to Australia after living in the US and Switzerland for the past 6 years and trying to work out what her future direction looks like….she is searching for what is and feel right for her and where she will get her fun and energy from.

But with some coaching, some guidance and some further help I know she will be able to unlock this and find what really drives her and how she can best use these in the days and years ahead, that is the beauty and the simplicity of what ID delivers.

Does sound sort of familiar to many for yourself , your children or work colleagues?

Being ” out of stride” like this causes us all sorts of concerns and issues and if these are allowed to remain unchecked they can lead to a broad range of health conditions. I know first hand how dramatic this can become as my own wife Kate lost her thyroid when we were living in the US as she was taking to much on, her energy was being drained, she was been pushed and pulled in all directions and she was out of stride with her own drive and energy.

If I could encourage you to take a step back, sit in the balcony and enjoy your life a little more please take the opportunity to complete your own ID as it will make a difference to you, your family and your colleagues. John Elder Robinson in his new book entitled “be different” talks about this in the form of being an outsider, I just love his quote ” after all , everyone feels like an outsider some of the time” and for a guy who suffers from Aspergers he should know but I think we all have felt this at some point in time

If I can help you please let me know but please invest the time to check this out yourself as I think everyone in the world should complete and experience the ID just like  The Coca Cola Company said ages ago when they wanted buy the world a Coke but then again that is my personal bias coming out.

Have a great and safe Easter.





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