Insight: Innovation

Innovation is the spark that fuels continued growth. Imaginative thinking is only part of the equation. It takes analytical thinking to understand what needs innovating, sequential thinking to turn innovation into action and interpersonal thinking to make change happen.

Your own ID…what does it look like?


The great thing about being someone who loves to continually learn and develop by myself and others is the opportunity to discover innovative and insightful tools, models and process’s. If you have never heard of ID (Instinctive Drives) well that is OK but it is a real shame as here is one of the best kept secrets in the world of learning and development. Just … Read more

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Learning….the kids are taking charge so watch out teachers.


The changing demands of how , why and where we develop people is a pet subject of mine especially since I have kids at school. I am never tire of their stories about their teachers learning practices and teaching methodologies as they still seem to be as dated as when I was at school which is very scary. Teachers, trainers or facilitators of learning are … Read more

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Best Leadership Companies.


The Hay Group has just released its 2010 Global Report of the Best Leadership Companies and there are no real surprises in here as you start to see the same organizations appear on these types of lists time and time again. GE was nominated as the Leadership Champion for 2010, GE has been nominated for this title 4 times since 2005 and only Proctor and … Read more

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Word games….the right brain wins


I came across this great example of word development from two great people I know, Anne Herrmann and Vic Bunderson who put me on to some really interesting data that Google has been tracking around word useage over the ages. With my whole brain thinking hat on I started to play with some of the search parameters to see what I could find and the … Read more

Cognitive media

cognition , take a few minutes to take a look at this as it will really give you a different way of seeing how and why we could and should be motivated and maybe even incentivized…….errrrrrrrrrrrr we might have it all wrong.Enjoy and have a Happy New Year one and all. Cheers Leigh

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The idea Factory


Not a new concept or thinking model but the latest article by David Segal of the New York Times which was published on the 18th of December 2010 is a great insight into the world of how thought and thinking is and needs to change, have a look at  In Pursuit of the Perfect Brainstorm Clearly all forms of consulting  needs to change & move … Read more

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Best Companies to Work

Best companies

I always love seeing what the Forbes Annual Best Company list looks like and what has happened to the leaders year on year, many of those for those who live out of the US  may not had heard of but it is not all about size and or industry especially as you see the likes of Goldman Sachs come in at No 25, Microsoft at … Read more

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Drawing Conclusions…bringing facts to life.


I was lucky to come across a great piece of research by Martin Eppler and Roland  Pfister from the University of St Gallen here in Switzerland. The paper that they have recently produced is a wonderful example of how by applying some very simple sketches and graphic representations to your normally very one dimensional factual presentations how you can really bring them to life, engage … Read more

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