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Collaboration is easy?


I am constantly fascinated by the ebb and flows of popular workplace models, practices and operating themes. Today they include word like collaboration, trust, networking, connectivity and decision making speed which are all fine words but often they lack substance,consistency of application, ¬†clear definition and focus. If you will let me indulge you let me tale one of my new favorite words……COLLABORATION, how many times … Read more

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Your own ID…what does it look like?


The great thing about being someone who loves to continually learn and develop by myself and others is the opportunity to discover innovative and insightful tools, models and process’s. If you have never heard of ID (Instinctive Drives) well that is OK but it is a real shame as here is one of the best kept secrets in the world of learning and development. Just … Read more

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Narcissism, the rise of the new normal for individuals & leaders?


Narcissism is fast on the rise, threat, challenge or opportunity? Should leaders of today be worried, do they know how to manage and leverage the traits and new leadership styles that these trends are creating? Read more

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The Generational Divide


Every wondered how much truth that there is the on going debate concerning the Generational Divide? Granted each generation is different, has different needs and personal requirements but sometimes the divide is not as great as many think that is if you as a leader stay informed and understand what you are dealing with as opposed to continuing to rely upon leadership practices and process … Read more

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