Insight: Analytical Thinking

Analytical thinkers are logical, factual and quantitative. They like to collect and analyse data, understanding how things work and base decisions on facts and logical reasoning. Understanding analytical thinking helps get the most from these vital pragmatists.

Collaboration is easy?


I am constantly fascinated by the ebb and flows of popular workplace models, practices and operating themes. Today they include word like collaboration, trust, networking, connectivity and decision making speed which are all fine words but often they lack substance,consistency of application, ¬†clear definition and focus. If you will let me indulge you let me tale one of my new favorite words……COLLABORATION, how many times … Read more

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Learning….the kids are taking charge so watch out teachers.


The changing demands of how , why and where we develop people is a pet subject of mine especially since I have kids at school. I am never tire of their stories about their teachers learning practices and teaching methodologies as they still seem to be as dated as when I was at school which is very scary. Teachers, trainers or facilitators of learning are … Read more

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Giving up traditional roles, the new HR challenge.

Left/Straight/Right Turn Lanes

HR for one reason or another has been in focus in the past few weeks I am am not sure why that is? Maybe it is timing or maybe HR is at a real crossroads which I believe is the case. The recent Kings College Report on the state of HR showed that not enough is being done across the board to develop line managers … Read more

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Narcissism, the rise of the new normal for individuals & leaders?


Narcissism is fast on the rise, threat, challenge or opportunity? Should leaders of today be worried, do they know how to manage and leverage the traits and new leadership styles that these trends are creating? Read more

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Word games….the right brain wins


I came across this great example of word development from two great people I know, Anne Herrmann and Vic Bunderson who put me on to some really interesting data that Google has been tracking around word useage over the ages. With my whole brain thinking hat on I started to play with some of the search parameters to see what I could find and the … Read more

The rise of the left brained in 2011.

leftbrain_rightbrain2 has released¬†its latest report on the ten best jobs of 2011, which look to be very promising for the more mathematically and technically inclined job searchers among us. Or, as Careercast puts it, in 2010, “The geeks strike back.” Looks like for those of us that have real left brained tendencies the future for 2011 looks really bright as there appears to be an … Read more

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Intelligence changes.


Never one to make predictions about the future as I tend to focus on what I can control but the latest research emerging from the technical think tank TechCast based at George Washington University have really started to stretch my thinking on the new workplace. Their latest research paper predicts that by 2020 that nearly 30% of all routine human activities will be automated through … Read more

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The Power of Negative Thinking.


INC is one of my all time favorite magazines that I love to read as it always gives you some really refreshing ways of looking at things and certainly Jason Frieds latest article on Idea Killing is a great example of this. I agree saying no to ideas can be hard as a leader you do not want to be seen as “the only one … Read more

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Cognitive media

cognition , take a few minutes to take a look at this as it will really give you a different way of seeing how and why we could and should be motivated and maybe even incentivized…….errrrrrrrrrrrr we might have it all wrong.Enjoy and have a Happy New Year one and all. Cheers Leigh

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A New thought


With the new year almost upon us I came across this great representation of why organizational thinking is being crushed that the way it is, as they say a picture is worth a 1000 words so I will let this picture do the talking…A happy and successful 2011 to you all. Big company disease Why not try something different this year as the old saying … Read more

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